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Rediscovering the Joy of Pharmacy

January 16th, 2023
joyful pharmacist

Whether you’re into making resolutions or not, every new year represents the chance to begin again, shift perspective and make positive changes.  A lot of attention these days is paid to being grateful and finding joy in everyday victories and with good reason. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. Most of us will never love EVERY aspect of our jobs, but today’s pharmacists have a lot to smile about. So, if you’re among the 315,000+ pharmacists working in the U.S., here is some inspiration for getting back to what you love.

We see you and your essential work.

You are out there helping people improve their health, manage chronic conditions, and even prevent illnesses with advice and vaccinations. All of this matters and is critical to our nation’s healthcare system. Because pharmacists are medication specialists, patients benefit when they have you as part of their wellness team. By helping patients understand their medication dosage schedules, administration methods, warnings/side effects, and possible interactions, you make a difference in their lives. And doing so has never been easier thanks to technology like electronic prescriptions, prescription processing robotics, nationwide prescription monitoring programs, and pharmaceutical research. These technologies continue to improve efficiency and promote patient safety. As a pharmacist with access to tools that help prioritize work and manage dispensing tasks, you have more time than ever to spend focused on patients. Having access to flexible ADCs and accompanying software is one way that technology is being used to help pharmacists do more in less time and provide greater service to their communities.


You can choose from a wide array of diverse career opportunities.

Being a pharmacist is a rewarding career that offers opportunities for patient care, scientific research, and innovation. Within the field, you have options to work in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, and managed care organizations. Or, perhaps, you’re serving in a related career, such as a pharmaceutical researcher, clinical research scientist, or pharmacologist. No matter where you work, having access to the right medication dispensing solutions will increase staff efficiency by reducing the amount of time spent on drug runs.

Flexible schedules and autonomy are built into your profession.

Schedule flexibility is another reason to love your job as a pharmacist. Because pharmacists can see patients at any time of the day or day of the week without appointments, day shifts, night shifts and longer shifts (think days off) are all possible. There are also increasing opportunities for remote pharmacist positions that provide care for hospitals, remote communities, and mail-order pharmacies. Using a scalable and cloud-based medication management product and software, connecting with patients to answer questions and discuss medications has never been easier or more intuitive—thus setting the foundation for meaningful interactions that make pharmacy work truly rewarding.

Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction

At TouchPoint Medical, we are dedicated to providing our valued pharmacy clients with the very best solutions—products that increase satisfaction for both professionals and patients. With flexible ADCs and exceptional medication management software, we give you what you need to focus on exactly what attracted you to this profession in the first place. Every product in our line is easy to set up, use, and train on. They can be tailored to your environment with integrations that provide everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to get the job done right. TouchPoint solutions are surprisingly affordable too.  For more information on our product line, visit our website.  Also, visit our pharmacy resource center.