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How to Gain Measurable Benefits through Standardization

Standardization’s benefits extend to a facility’s entire staff and the patients they serve. read more
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The Proof Is In The Cost Savings

There are multiple innovative and implementable solutions that can help reduce the overall cost of delivering patient care. read more
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Combating Drug Shortages: What Pharmacists Can Do Today

Learn what you can do to minimize the effect of drug shortages on your facility, ensuring the bulk of staff time is spent on patient care. read more
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Healthcare Technology: What makes the biggest impact on providers and the patients they serve?

Hospitals are under more pressure than ever to incorporate healthcare technology into their workflows. And that’s a good thing for patients and professionals, alike. But knowing which investments to make and when can be challenging. read more
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Expanding Patient Access

Improving patient access to all types of quality healthcare is a priority goal for providers all over the country. read more
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Three Measures You Can Take Today to Prevent Diversion

For most healthcare facility types, a purposeful update in healthcare technology will go a long way toward preventing diversion, and ensuring patients receive exceptional care. read more
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Top 4 Ways to Make Simulation Labs Impactful

Healthcare simulation labs give providers-in-training exceptional opportunities to perfect their knowledge and skills in safe environments that simulate real-world medical scenarios. Here are 4 ways to make them most impactful for learners. read more
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How to Choose the Right Medication Dispensing Model

When making an investment in medication dispensing equipment, it is important to consider your workflow and how your facility dispenses medication. The right technology choice should always work with a facility’s workflow, not against it. read more

Don’t forget about services!

When it comes to choosing a healthcare information technology (HIT) partner, don’t forget to consider all aspects of the services offered before signing on the dotted line. read more
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Workstation or Arm: Which bedside care option is best for your facility?

When deciding between mobile computer workstations or wall-mounted mounted arms, it’s important to evaluate the impact on patient care, your facility’s workflow, space considerations, and of course, budget. read more
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Service Tips for Keeping Your HIT Running Smoothly

When it comes to any investment, there’s rarely a “set it and forget it” option that yields good returns. Protecting your investments is key, and that’s especially true with healthcare technology. read more
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Utilization of Point of Care Technology to Improve Outcomes

Despite the increasing investment in technology, outcomes such as: timeliness of care, patient satisfaction & safe delivery of care continue to be areas of opportunity for healthcare organizations to improve. read more
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