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There is no doubt that the collaboration between a doctor and nurse is still important, but the integration of medical devices and medical software plays an increasingly important role in patient care and successful outcomes. A nurse equipped with a medical cart integrated with a barcoding or scanning system can provide the doctor with far more comprehensive data about the patient than one without such technology.
Certain aspects of patient handling, as well as many repetitive motion tasks, are simply unavoidable in busy healthcare settings.  But with attention to better ergonomics and investments in purposefully designed workstations, facilities have the power to preserve the health and well-being of the valuable nurses they employ.
Hospitals and other medical facilities are seeking efficient, “all-in-one” tools to enhance nurses’ ability to provide optimal patient care. Pairing all-in-one (AIO) computers with lighter weight, nonpowered medical carts is one approach gaining momentum in the industry.

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AccessPoint™ Single Monitor Workstation on Wheels
AccessPoint™ Single Monitor Workstation on Wheels

An all-in-one solution for optimizing clinical workflow with unmatched technology and an array of ergonomic features.