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Pharmacy Solutions

Pharmacy Solutions

Intuitive, reliable, and affordable automated dispensing cabinets give your pharmacy everything it needs--and nothing that it doesn't.

Pharmacy Solutions
Putting Medication and Pharmacy Supplies Within Reach

Enhance the efficiency of your pharmacy to ensure that every interaction with patients delivers exceptional care. TouchPoint Medical provides a range of automated dispensing systems and medical mounting solutions that strategically position technology and supplies precisely where they are required. Our affordable and high-performance packages cater to pharmacies of all scales, providing them with tailored solutions that meet their exact requirements while avoiding unnecessary extras.

Be Optimized for the Highest Levels of Patient Care with Automated Medication Dispensing.

Secure and accurate medication management systems and medical technology solutions enable more meaningful, conscientious interactions between patients and care teams. So as the role of the pharmacy team expands, reliable solutions allow you to spend less time on automation equipment and more time on patient encounters. The medDispense® automated dispensing cabinets have one software platform and countless hardware configurations all working together to give you safer and more efficient automation across your clinical workflow. They are a scalable solution that can grow to meet your changing needs, offer the best and highest level of security for controlled substance storage, and come with superior service. The medDispense® ADC series is simply affordable, priced to fit almost any budget, and offers everything you need but nothing that you don’t.


medDispense® C series Automated Dispensing Cabinets

medDispense® Automated Dispensing Systems

Pair with Other Products for the Perfect Solution

Space-saving Mounting Systems Put Technology Within Reach

Enhance your pharmacy to deliver exceptional patient care at its highest level. Implementing mounted equipment that optimizes workspace efficiency while keeping essential technology easily accessible enables the pharmacy team to stay focused on the task at hand. Our ICW line of medical mounts provides robust support, industry-leading range of motion, and a compact, user-friendly design that is easy to clean. With versatile mounting configurations, the ICW mounting systems empower pharmacy staff to work comfortably by positioning technology exactly where it is needed.

Securely Deliver Medication to the Patient Bedside

Medication delivery carts and workstation are a powerful solution designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between pharmacy and patient bedside, while minimizing errors and eliminating common workarounds. With our advanced features, these solutions significantly enhance the accuracy of real-time bedside medication administration. Moreover, they enhance medication security by implementing time-based access controls, reducing the risk of administering medications at incorrect times. With a scalable and centralized software architecture, medication delivery carts and workstations from TouchPoint Medical offer seamless integration and adaptability to accommodate your evolving needs.

User-friendly and Easy to Operate – Saving Time and Allowing You to Focus on Patient Care

Experience a comprehensive range of seamlessly integrated hardware and software designed to facilitate secure and efficient storage, dispensing, and transport of medications. With medLogic™, you can confidently safeguard and monitor both medications and supplies, while effortlessly integrating with a wide array of hospital information systems. This holistic solution ensures a streamlined workflow and enhanced safety throughout the medication management process.

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