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Ambulatory Surgery Center

Ambulatory Surgery Center Solutions

Optimize patient care by providing ergonomic solutions with sub-acute products that support the unique needs of ambulatory surgery centers.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Solutions
Recommended Workstations

Designed to meet the fast-paced demands of busy ambulatory surgery centers, TouchPoint Medical workstations offer amazing ergonomics, flexibility, and operational value.  Our innovative solutions empower caregivers to deliver exceptional care while maintaining swift and safe access to essential supplies, medications, and equipment. To aid you in your decision-making process, we suggest the following options. 

Common Medication Dispensing Models

TouchPoint Medical understands that medication management is a crucial aspect of ambulatory care, and we are committed to providing safe and efficient solutions to support your team. Our line of medication dispensing solutions offers a streamlined approach to patient care that is both cost-effective and high-performing. Based on your dispensing needs, we recommend the following products to optimize your patient touchpoints.

Maneuvering Through Your Workflow with Ease

The workFLO® product solutions from TouchPoint Medical deliver elegant simplicity for all types of emergency environments.  Our single monitor workstations and device stands facilitate better patient care thanks to a lightweight, streamlined, and easy-to-maneuver design—allowing caregivers to get from patient to patient more quickly.  workFLO® easily pairs all-in-one computers (AIO) with mobile workstations, which when done right creates highly ergonomic and cost-effective solutions.  These solutions are preferred by nurses when administering high-quality care. And because equipment needs change over time, our workFLO® solutions are designed to grow with your surgery center’s capabilities. Simply add accessories to make these carts more suited to your needs—and continue elevating your patient care outcomes.

workFLO® Single Monitor Workstation on Wheels

Medical Carts and Mounts

Pair with Other Products for the Perfect Solution

Adjustable Mount Equipment Puts Essential Technology Within Ideal Reach

Ambulatory surgery centers will greatly benefit from mounted equipment that doesn’t take up precious space yet keeps essential technology within reach.  The ICW Ultra 180 offers strong support, the largest range of motion in the industry, in a compact, easy-to-clean design.  The ICW Ultra 180 enables versatile anesthesia-mounting configurations that allow you to position patient monitors, computer hardware, and other devices so anesthesiologists can work comfortably through a long case. These arms easily pair with any of our other point-of-care solutions, especially the proCARE® anesthesia cart, to offer the perfect configuration for your exact anesthesia workflow needs.  

ICW Ultra 180 True Heavy Duty Sit-Stand Workstation that Stows Compactly

Medical Carts and Mounts

Pair with Other Products for the Perfect Solution

Medication Dispensing in a Small Footprint is Made Safe and Secure with the medDispense® C Series

The smallest of the medDispense® family of cabinets, the C series is available in a countertop model that fits virtually anywhere while fulfilling lower-capacity needs.  The C series from TouchPoint Medical features customizable capacity —from configurable linear drawers to high-capacity bulk storage—which gives options when outfitting your ambulatory surgery center.  Interior illumination with three brightness levels makes locating the correct medication and dose easy.  Get all the bells and none of the unnecessary whistles with the C series.  This cabinet can be paired with any of our medDispense® solutions, allowing you to choose a configuration that works for your ASC.

medDispense® C series Automated Dispensing Cabinets

medDispense® Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Pair with Other Products for the Perfect Solution

Organize Supplies and Medication to Be at Your Fingertips and Ready When You Need Them

proCARE® anesthesia carts keep everything where caregivers need them, providing fast and accurate access. Organize and store your surgery center’s medications and supplies with anesthesia carts from TouchPoint Medical.  Controlled medication access will satisfy pharmacy’s needs, while the ease-of-use ensures your team can focus on patient care. These anesthesia carts are ergonomically designed with a configurable/removable drawer system that facilitates rapid and easy replenishment of supplies when using PAR level stocking. This cart can be paired with any of our point-of-care solutions, including the ICW Ultra 180, to offer the perfect configuration for your exact workflow needs.

proCARE® Anesthesia Cart

Medical Carts and Mounts

Pair with Other Products for the Perfect Solution

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