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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose TouchPoint Medical?

TouchPoint Medical delivers customizable healthcare solutions, placing the human touch at the point of care. From workstations to medication management, we prioritize easy access, employee satisfaction, and improved patient satisfaction.

With global experience, service orientation, and quality-driven standards (ISO 13485:2016), we tailor solutions to your unique healthcare needs. Together, we drive operational excellence for long-term success — We're in it with you.

Who is TouchPoint Medical?

TouchPoint Medical is a trusted global leader dedicated to creating customer-driven solutions that enhance the delivery of healthcare. We specialize in securely mobilizing medical technology and managing medication dispensing to foster more efficient healthcare environments. Our extensive product range includes workstations on wheels, medication delivery carts, medical equipment carts, wall mounting systems, and automated dispensing cabinets.

We are committed to driving operational and customer excellence worldwide through innovative solutions and continuous improvement.

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What is the company mission?

Our mission is to partner with medical technology and healthcare providers to develop innovative healthcare solutions. We will maintain a customer-driven mindset to help enable a secure and efficient delivery of medical technology, information technology and medication management. Together, we will drive operational and customer excellence.

Does TouchPoint Medical have a company vision?

Yes. Our vision is to be a leading and trusted global partner who helps enable a consistently safe, secure and efficient environment for healthcare professionals and their patients.

What are the TouchPoint Medical Core Values?

Our company culture is cultivated around our Core Values. These seven Core Values underpin everything we do:

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Openness
  • Growth
  • Diversity
  • Commitment
  • Results
Where is TouchPoint Medial located?

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TouchPoint Medical, dedicated to customer-driven solutions for advancing healthcare delivery, has global locations to serve you:


  • Odessa, United States


  • Kruibeke, Belgium


  • Rugby, United Kingdom
  • Shaanxi Sheng, China
  • Asker, Norway
  • Jonsered, Sweden
  • Tullamarine, Australia
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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How to Suspend an Operator
  1. Log into PharmacyCenter™.
  2. Click on Operator Maintenance.
  3. Click on the Operator you wish to suspend.
  4. Click on Suspend Operator.
  5. Click Yes to suspend the Operator.
  6. Click Cancel.
  7. Log out of PharmacyCenter™.
What is the default password after resetting an operator’s password.

The default password is going to be the users sign on.

Example: jd1120

No drawers are opening during the dispensing process.
  1. Log out of the software.
  2. Press F1 to exit out of the medDispense® software.
  4. Press the Shutdown button on the bottom right side of the screen.
  5. Once the screen has gone dark, go to the back of the unit and press the rocker switch to the off position.
  6. Leave it in the off position for 10 seconds, then press the rocker switch to the on position.
  7. Once the PC boots into Windows, log into the software and dispense a medication.

If the steps above do not resolve the issue, please contact the help desk at 1-800-947–3901.

Operator is unable to dispense controlled medications.

Sign onto PharmacyCenter™ and verify the operators permissions.

  1. Sign on to PharmacyCenter™.
  2. Click on Operator Maintenance.
  3. Select the Operator.
  4. The Operators permissions are on the right hand side.
  5. Verify that controlled meds is checked off or the appropriate template is selected.
How to reset an Operators password using PharmacyCenter™
  1. Log into PharmacyCenter™.
  2. Click on Operator Maintenance.
  3. Click on the Operator you wish to reset the password for.
  4. Click on Reset Password.
  5. Click on Yes when asked if you wish to reset the password.
  6. Click on Cancel.
  7. Log off.
  8. Inform operator that the passwords has been reset and let them know that the default password is their sign on.
How to get a quote on a TouchPoint Medical product

If you are an existing customer and are interested in learning about additional TouchPoint Medical products, please send an email to [email protected] and customer service will help get in touch with your Key Account Manager to discuss your specific needs

How to get an updated ship date on your purchase order

Please call (800) 947-3901 (Option #1) or email [email protected] with your purchase order number and customer service will provide an updated ship date.

How to get tracking on an order for which you have been invoiced

All questions related to tracking invoices should be directed to our customer service department.  You can reach them at (800) 947-3901 (Option #1) or email [email protected].  Please have your purchase order number available when you make the call and customer service will provide an updated ship date.

How to report a quality issue on a purchase order that you have received

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with your product.  To resolve this as quickly as possible, please contact customer support. (800) 947-3901 (Option #1) or email [email protected].  It is important that you have your purchase order number available for the call in order for our team to assist you.

ISO 13485 Certified
Each certification has separate standards and criteria. Touchpoint Medical has ISO 13485 which means the company conforms to stringent international requirements for the design, manufacture, subcontract manufacture, and distribution of mobile and stationary equipment carts for medical applications.