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For Pharmacists Articles

Building the Right AIO Workstation – Checklist and Benefits

Checklist and benefits of evaluating an all-in-one workstation on wheels for greater efficiency in your workflow at a much more affordable cost to your healthcare facility. read more

All-In-One Mobile Workstations – Where Medical Workflow Meets Efficiency

Hospitals and other medical facilities are seeking efficient, “all-in-one” tools to enhance nurses’ ability to provide optimal patient care. Pairing all-in-one (AIO) computers with lighter weight, nonpowered medical carts is one approach gaining momentum in the industry. read more

Maximizing ROI with ADCs - A Pharmacists Perspective

As healthcare technology continues to become increasingly sophisticated, there’s no denying the incredible benefits to facilities and the patients they serve. But with limited budgets and complex objectives, professionals in charge of capital spending may be hard-pressed to choose which products will deliver the biggest value over time. read more