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Improve efficiency in your clinic with workstation single sign-on

November 26th, 2020
Improve Efficiency in Your Clinic with Workstation Single Sign-on

We recognize the importance of speed and accuracy when nurses must use a medical workstation for patient information and also for completing office paperwork. With a single sign-on feature, nurses can immediately access more than one app on a workstation. A nurse may need to quickly find some information about a patient that had been stored in a special app that would have required a new sign-on procedure with a different password from the nurse.

A single sign-on feature can benefit the staff and also the patients at a clinic:

  • Simplified job tasks for nurses.
  • Accurate patient information.
  • Faster services for patients.
  • Time management technique for nurses.

Most clinics have a large workstation fleet with medical carts on every floor. The convenience of those medical carts can be enhanced with a single sign-on feature for improved efficiency. You could improve the efficiency of your office procedures by focusing on the accuracy factor, quality factor, and the time factor for a task, such as using less than one minute instead of more than two minutes for finding the list of prescribed medicines for a patient.

Importance of the Time Factor for Providing Health Care Services

The time factor is essential during a medical emergency, such as when a patient has an allergic reaction. The quality of the patient experience can be improved with more efficient procedures because a patient could quickly resolve a problem, such as immediately getting some information about a prescription that could cause an allergic reaction. If the nurses have more control over the time factor, then the nurses could have more time for completing paperwork and also for making decisions when not providing care for patients.

Importance of the Quality of the Information from Medical Workstations

There could be different information about a patient in several apps because some information about an office visit or about a new prescription may not have been transferred to the main patient file. If a nurse cannot see the patient's information about a recent in-office medical procedure or about a recent dose of medicine, then the nurse would not have enough information to make a decision about providing medical care for a patient.

A Single Sign-on Feature for Workstations Could Improve the Quality of Health Care Services

A single sign-on feature for workstations can be used to avoid paperwork errors and also to avoid causing problems for patients, such as recommending the wrong prescription for a patient. If nurses have faster procedures for helping patients, then more patients could be helped during a work shift. An increase in the daily number of patients could generate an increase in the revenue for a clinic.

Simplify Office Tasks for Nurses at Clinics

The job tasks for completing paperwork at a clinic are important for documenting the medical information, but those job tasks also require that the nurses will probably be spending less time with the patients. Many patients want to speak with a nurse for at least 30 minutes while discussing a problem. The personal touch for health care services is especially important for patients who have a chronic illness or a terminal illness.

Single Sign-On for Medication Management

The simplicity, speed, and accuracy of single sign-on used with our medDispense® automated dispensing cabinets and AccessRx Series of medication delivery carts help you achieve your security and efficiency goals for medication management.

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