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5 Things to Ask Your Medical Equipment Partner

November 29th, 2023

Asking the right questions can ensure your healthcare facility chooses the perfect partner for your unique medical equipment needs. From mounting systems like wall mounted workstations or patient monitor mounts to mobile products like medical procedure carts or medication delivery carts, choosing the right medical equipment partner can transform your facility through seamless medical equipment integration.

  1. Do You Offer Clinical Site Assessments as a Means to Enhancing Patient Care and Workflow?

An on-site clinical assessment allows an equipment partner to fully understand your healthcare facility's unique requirements.

At TouchPoint Medical, we assign success managers that walk through the facility with your team, recommending customized setups that save time and money, such as medication management solutions, and are thoughtfully integrated into clinical workflows and physical spaces.

Efficiencies and satisfaction improvement can only be realized when a human-centered approach to medical equipment design aligns the right solutions to your facility's patients, caregivers, and processes.

  1. What is Your Approach to Product Trials Prior to Facility Adoption? 

Product trials with actual end-users are essential for validating that equipment, such as medical carts, enhances, not hinders, patient care within your facility specifically.

Your teams work long, physically and mentally demanding shifts. If devices are not ergonomic or intuitive, clinicians may develop repetitive strain injuries or struggle to operate equipment properly.

When TouchPoint Medical goes into a healthcare space, we deploy hands-on testing, ensuring our solutions integrate naturally into existing workflows, enabling clinicians to focus entirely on the delivery of exceptional care.

  1. What Are the Advantages of Customizing Our Medical Equipment Installation with You?

Custom medical equipment installation by certified technicians ensures that technology flows effortlessly and compliantly into physical spaces and workflows.

With patient-centered configuration, available with all TouchPoint Medical partnerships, equipment such as workstations on wheels can be positioned to maximize clinician efficiency and comfort, while simultaneously enriching the patient experience throughout each personal interaction.

Custom installation also minimizes downtime and disruption for on-floor staff, relieving them of additional projects that take time away from your team's care priorities.

  1. How Does Your Customer Service Ensure Smooth Medical Equipment Operations, Post-Install?

On-demand customer service ensures medical facilities have fully functioning equipment when needed.

TouchPoint Medical's relationship-driven approach frees overburdened IT staff, maximizes uptime, and helps clinicians use equipment optimally. Available for on-site visits or one-call answers, the consultative model ensures that the equipment’s features are used to their full potential. And care teams feel well-supported throughout their shifts.

In addition, our specialists become intimately familiar with your hospital’s or facility’s unique workflow and devices, meaning issues can be rapidly resolved before disrupting patient care. We help keep your team’s attention on the patient's needs, not the equipment’s needs.

  1. What Does Proactive Medical Equipment Lifecycle Management Do for My Facility?

Actively monitoring and managing medical equipment throughout its lifespan, rather than replacing it prematurely, reduces waste, boosts sustainability efforts and reduces costs long-term.

With TouchPoint Medical's preventative maintenance and selective technology refreshes, facilities realize maximum usable life from devices.

Proper lifecycle management ensures equipment remains optimally functional for patient care while minimizing environmental impact and unnecessary replacement purchases. This way, resources are conserved and focused where they matter most – delivering outcomes-oriented care.

Rooms Equipped for Care. Teams Equipped to Care.

For TouchPoint Medical, service first is our daily commitment. Helping facilities like yours deliver transformative care is our mission.

Reach out today to begin a clinical assessment of your healthcare space.