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Insights and trends to help you optimize clinical workflows, reduce downtime and deliver high-level patient care.

Insights and resources to help advance your delivery of care.

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When deciding between mobile computer workstations or wall-mounted mounted arms, it’s important to evaluate the impact on patient care, your facility’s workflow, space considerations, and of course, budget.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, the world has relied heavily on essential workers to carry us through. But COVID-19 has taken a toll on the healthcare system, leaving fewer workers in nearly every discipline.
Workstations on wheels and medical computer carts have become an integral part of most healthcare facilities. The ergonomics of these workstations play a crucial role in improving the working conditions of the nursing staff.

Product Spotlight

workFLO™ Hygienic Roll Stand
workFLO® Hygienic Roll Stand

Convenient and efficient solution to deploy the necessary PPE throughout your facility.