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AccessRx MD™ Medication Delivery Workstation

The AccessRx MD™ medication delivery workstation is designed to help you close the loop of medication delivery between the pharmacy and the patient bedside, reduce errors and avoid common workarounds.

  • Increase accuracy of real-time bedside medication administration.
  • Streamline BCMA process with barcode patient identification and direct eMAR API access.
  • Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual drawer labeling with the ADT interface.
  • Keep medication secure and reduce the risk of administering medications at an incorrect time with time-based access controls.
  • Provides scalable and centralized software architecture and integration to grow with your changing needs.
Custom Product Configuration

Custom Product Configuration

In-House Global Phone Support

In-House Global Phone Support

Comprehensive Warranty

Comprehensive Warranty

For Nursing

  • Integrated, real-time bedside medication administration.
  • Patient-specific individually locking bins/drawers for security and compliance.
  • Information visibility for improved workflow and efficiency.

For Pharmacy

  • Control and flexibility across a variety of pharmacy distribution models.
  • Information visibility and audit reports.
  • Configurable access time controls along with alerts for patient transfers and discharges.
  • Accurate process of timely medication dispensing and reconciliation for unused medications.

For IT

  • Enterprise/IT favorable technology.
  • Active directory integration to improve user management.
  • Configurable interface and HL7 compliant integration with the hospital's information system.
  • Web based console and remote access streamline installation and service/support needs.