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AccessRx Secure™ Medication Delivery Workstation

The AccessRx Secure™ medication delivery cart provides clinicians with an ergonomic and compliant solution for transporting medications securely to the bedside.

  • Increase accuracy of medication administration with individually locking, patient-specific drawers.
  • Access patient data access at bedside.
  • Scan patient barcodes during medication administration to stay BCMA compliant.
  • Meet budgetary needs with flexibility in software-based locking systems, PC, battery chemistries, peripherals, and more.
  • Add mounted accessories to enhance user storage of needed items and streamline workflow.
Custom Product Configuration

Custom Product Configuration

In-House Global Phone Support

In-House Global Phone Support

Comprehensive Warranty

Comprehensive Warranty

For Nursing

  • Securely store medications and supplies in lockable storage.
  • Access patient data at bedside.
  • Reduce medication delivery time with 12 patient drawers and extended-use power system.
  • Improve workplace safety with ergonomically designed workstations.

For Pharmacy

  • Improved accuracy and security with individually locking bins/drawers.
  • Provide nursing access to patient data at bedside.

For IT

  • Support maximum up-tip with LiNano power system.
  • Reduce maintenance costs with components that are easy to support or replace.
  • Scale and adapt on site with PC, accessories, battery chemistry, and peripheral options.