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Telemedicine Bridges the Gap between Healthcare Providers and their Patients

May 7th, 2021
Ensuring Proper Medication Management in 2021

Since the start of the pandemic last February 2019, the health industry has seen a spike in telemedicine services. Healthcare facilities following COVID-19 protocols then began their transition by investing in equipment used for telemedicine.

Telemedicine bridged the gap between healthcare providers and their patients during the pandemic and in remote communities. Patients who need to see their doctor for regular appointments and routine checkups don't have to risk their already compromised state by going out. Similarly, patients who have little access to transportation and need to travel hours to see their doctor won't have to worry about additional expenses.

The Impact of Telehealth and COVID-19
The Impact of Telehealth and COVID-19

In the US, in February 2020, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued guidelines advising healthcare facilities to adapt to new measures such as social distancing and including healthcare services using telecommunication such as telehealth. These new procedures resulted in a significant increase in telehealth consultations up to 150% in just one facility.

Patients seeking medical care related to COVID-19 received healthcare assistance using telehealth while most facilities were closed or limiting in-patient care. Hospitals resulted in a decreased number of infected staff, preservation of scarce personal protective equipment, and lesser patient surge in their facility.

Furthermore, patients who were positive with COVID-19 were still able to receive medical assistance using telehealth, which decreased the number of infected patients in hospitals. Additionally, telehealth proved to be helpful to reluctant patients with getting in-patient care, has challenges in going to healthcare facilities, or patients who had a chronic illness that put them at more risk to COVID-19.

However, there are still some drawbacks. Patients who have no access to the internet, are unfamiliar with modern technology, and have no mobile devices or computers cannot reap the benefits of telehealth. Patients who need to be physically examined or submit diagnostic tests will find telehealth useless for their healthcare needs.

Overall, telemedicine has been an essential tool in helping patients get healthcare assistance during a public health emergency. Regulations restricting patients from going to facilities are still able to get medical care with the help of telehealth. With the continuing rise of patients accessing telehealth services and healthcare facilities that include telemedicine services, healthcare online may continue to serve even after the pandemic.

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Utilizing Medical Carts For Healthcare Efficiency
Utilizing Medical Carts For Healthcare Efficiency

Nurses can administer the correct medicine at the exact dosage for patients admitted to the facility as they monitor and input patient information. Each medication cart includes peripherals and accessories to improve ergonomics, efficiency, and compatibility. The cart comes from powder-coated cast aluminum with antimicrobial protection. The cart becomes mobile by attaching wheels at the bottom, allowing the nurse to wheel the cart from room to room without difficulty.

Our medication delivery carts also include other features such as:

  • individual locking bins and drawers
  • exchangeable medication cassettes
  • antimicrobial protection
  • supports real-time BCMA
  • secure and track patient medication
  • supports centralized or decentralized medication fill workflow
Utilizing Medical Carts For Healthcare Efficiency

With telehealth on the rise, facilities also need to upgrade their equipment to ensure it meets the standards to perform telemedicine services more efficiently.

TouchPoint Medical would be happy to walk you through your transition and setup, so your facility is well-equipped for your patient's needs.

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