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Streamlined Mobile Healthcare Carts Efficient Solution for Nurses Rounding

December 1st, 2020
Streamlined Mobile Healthcare Carts Efficient Solution for Nurses Rounding

The pairing of all-in-one (AIO) medical computers with lighter weight, nonpowered medical carts simplifies nurses rounding processes, allowing for easier charting and patient care. Because these carts are essentially a nurse's office, they must be easily maneuverable and comfortable while at the same time offering all of the tools they need.

Nurses' top needs for their workstations on wheels (WOWs) are workflow, ergonomics, and efficiency. These caregivers spend 3.5 hours of their workday entering information at a computer, making comfort paramount. With equipment from TouchPoint Medical, designed with ergonomics and therefore safety in mind, nurses' productivity can be enhanced with less physical stress. Solutions that check all the boxes for nurses increase their overall satisfaction the help them concentrate on caring for their patients.

Invest in Infrastructure Solutions for Your Medical Practice

Facilities seek to make infrastructure and equipment investments that can reduce the cost of care and help deliver optimal patient outcomes is constant. When choosing a mobile workstation, decision-makers much consider the nurses' workflow. Aspects of WOWs can be pain points—they can be large and heavy. For instance, a powered medical cart paired with a traditional computer requires a 50-lb battery. Nurses say they want bigger screens for monitors and less clutter of the peripheral equipment.

TouchPoint Medical has solutions that match this wish list for nurses and at the same time meet the IT department's needs to easily integrate technology and hardware. Increasingly, facilities are moving toward incorporating nonpowered carts paired with medical-grade mobile AIO computers. The key to AIO computers is their “hot swap” batteries. Medical grade mobile AIOs with a nonpowered cart is an effective turnkey solution that lightens the workstation and provides for efficient bedside care.

All-in-one computers or medical panel PCs address the challenges of weight, maneuverability, and efficiency. Customers can choose from a variety of computers that differ in weights, sizes, and battery options. This option is a streamlined solution that benefits nurses and IT departments. Gone is the heavy battery, and the mobile AIO computers can be customized for a wide range of clinical applications. All the needed equipment is in one spot.

Hot-swap battery technology make this possible as the unit can be powered without the need for plugging in, therefore a more mobile and lighter workstation. Depleted batteries can be replaced with a fully charged battery without powering down the unit. This means 24/7 uptime. Medical computers power the peripherals nurses need to access like barcode scanners and printers, so nurses can more easily do their rounds. The significant weight reduction is a big nurse pleaser as is the AIOs touch screen monitor. The medical-grade computer is meant to be paired with a lightweight, non-powered cart.

AIO makers say that the adoption of this approach is increasing. Commercial-grade products might cost less, but these computers are not designed for the healthcare environment. On the other hand, medical-grade AIOs are specially certified as safe for near-patient use. They must also be antimicrobial and fanless/noiseless. The technology is also highly customizable with ports and expansion slots that allow it to integrate with nearly any device such as an integrated barcode scanner, RFID reader and fingerprint scanner, secure login, and additional functionality without the need for third-party peripherals.

Choosing the Cart

TouchPoint Medical has carts that allow users to build a customized, streamlined, efficient, and light workstation with a smaller footprint.

TouchPoint Medical workFLO Single Monitor Documentation Workstation is a height-adjustable single monitor/AIO computer workstation on wheels that offers lightweight mobility. The streamlined design and directional tracking caster create an easy-to-move workstation that can turn corners and be maneuvered with minimal effort.

Because it has a stable wheel stance and 5-inch casters, the workstation is reliable, stable and can be maneuvered over thresholds and varying surface variants. The workstation also features keyed access for security.

TouchPoint Medical offers fully customizable solutions, with the ability to add or upgrade components as needed.

Medical Workstation Checklist.

  • Key locking tech bay - universal key or optional key codes available
  • Secure (no drift) positioning with tilt/swivel VESA 75/100 mount
  • Lightweight construction
  • Easy height adjustment - gas spring push-button actuation
  • Stable maneuverability
  • Tracking casters for easy mobility
  • Antimicrobial surfaces
  • Accessory portfolio

Cart Accessories

  • VESA Mount
  • Tablet Mount - holds up to 12.9” tablet
  • Brackets - scanners, Zebra printer
  • Cup holder mounts
  • Laptop Security brackets
  • Supply bins
  • Drawer
  • E-signature pad mount

Win, Win, Win

IT integration with the AIO solution is simple, as the AIO and the nonpowered cart as a component is a truly turnkey solution. It can confer cost savings to the facility, improve workflow and efficiency. Nurses can get through an entire shift without having to plug their cart into a wall.

Ultimately, nurses’ satisfaction is at the core of effective hospital management and essential for providing top-quality long-term care to patients. An AIO computer combined with a TouchPoint Medical nonpowered cart is a problem solver for nurses and IT, and ultimately patient satisfaction follows.