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Product Focus: ICW Ultra 180 Patient Monitor

May 21st, 2024
UL180 patient monitor

Create space at the bedside with the most adjustable patient monitor arms in healthcare. The patented ICW Ultra 180 Patient Monitor Wall Mount provides a full 16" of height adjustment for easy clinician access in a smaller package that folds flush against the wall when not in use. 

Effortless Positioning, Maximum Visibility: The ICW Ultra 180 Advantage
The ICW Ultra 180 Patient Monitor takes medical monitor adjustability to a whole new level. This versatile arm system effortlessly positions your monitor for optimal viewing, regardless of your device (compatible with Nihon Kohden, Welch Allyn, GE, Mindray, Masimo, Philips, Draeger, and more).

Uncluttered Workspace, Enhanced Safety
Keep your headwall organized and improve patient safety with the integrated cable management system. This innovative feature neatly tucks away cords, minimizing clutter and the risk of accidental disconnection or tripping hazards. The clear view of your monitor ensures uninterrupted access to critical patient data, allowing for informed decision-making.

Wall-mounted for Continuous Monitoring
Wall-mounted patient monitors contribute to a safer environment by providing continuous visibility of vital signs. With the ICW Ultra 180, you can achieve optimal positioning for both caregiver comfort and uninterrupted patient monitoring.