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proCARE® Procedure Carts: Much More Than a Storage Solution

August 12th, 2022
proCARE Procedure Carts: Much More Than a Storage Solution

The proCARE® line of top-quality procedure carts from TouchPoint Medicals is much more than a storage solution for your healthcare facility. From an ergonomic design to a highly customizable and configurable drawer system, our carts deliver features that matter the most.

We have designed the proCARE® carts keeping the needs of the healthcare staff front and center. Our carts are like the professional care assistant that you always wanted.

Here are a few features that make the proCARETM carts stand out.

Ergonomic Design

The proCARE® carts feature a hybrid design that uses the most appropriate and efficient materials for each aspect of the system. The unique construction materials make our carts durable and lightweight compared to all-metal carts. The proCARE® carts are easy to maneuver, thanks to the four 5-inch swivel casters with low rolling resistance and pistol grip handles. This gives superior ergonomics for the user and highlights how the carts are engineered to meet your stringent requirements and clinical needs.

The Intelligent Procedure Cart and Intelligent Anesthesia Carts have a dynamic VESA monitor mount and a keyboard tray. The VESA mount allows you to adjust the monitor to suit your needs effortlessly, and the tray neatly tucks away the keyboard.

Configurable Drawer System

All proCARE® carts have a modular drawer system that can be configured to meet your changing workflow. You can configure the drawers the way you want them in seconds. You can also move the most frequently accessed drawers to the most ergonomic position to reduce strain on the user.

Drawer inserts can make organizing supplies easy in a procedure cart. All proCARE® carts come with smooth, dividable, and removable drawer inserts. The removable inserts facilitate rapid and easy replenishment of supplies using the PAR level stocking. Your cart is always ready and filled when needed; no more stockouts.

The inserts in all models of the proCARE® line are easy to clean as well. You can remove the drawer inserts and place them on the work surface for an ergonomic experience. With proCARE® carts, you don’t need to roll the cart back to the pharmacy to be restocked.

Full Extension and Soft Closing Drawers

The drawer slides on all proCARE® models offer full extension travel and smooth-rolling, thanks to the high-quality ball-bearing system. With drawers extending all the way, you can have 100% visual and physical access to the contents, even at the back of the drawer. You can use the drawers' maximum capacity without sacrificing access. 

Even when the loads are heavier, the drawers offer a smooth, soft-touch performance.

Expandable Work Surfaces

All proCARE® carts come standard with pull-out expansive work surfaces. You can easily increase the available work area by up to 60% when needed. The extra space can help you organize better, especially during restocking trips. Also, the design supports comfortable access by multiple users.

Antimicrobial Infused Surfaces

The high-touch surfaces of all proCARE® carts are made with materials infused with antimicrobial agents that ensure reliable, long-term protection. The antimicrobial-infused surfaced retards microbial growth and reduces the chances of hospital-acquired (Iatrogenic) infections.

The healthcare workers can rest easy knowing that with proCARE®carts, better patient outcomes and higher satisfaction is likely.

Multiple Security Options

All proCARE® carts have a wide range of security options to suit every need. The tamper-evident security seals provide a quick and easy way to that you know that the drawers are fully stocked and ready to go.

One of our carts' most exciting security features is the RFID tap-n-go security access. It helps secure access to controlled substances without wasting time following multiple steps. You can even lock individual drawers with user-specific access to enhance the security of controlled substances.

Fanless Charging

The proCARE® Intelligent Procedure Cart and the Intelligent Anesthesia Cart are fitted with a quiet, fanless 520 WH mobile power charging option. The design greatly reduces the chance of compromising the sterile environment and the noise level.

Full Range of Accessories

Most proCARE® carts can be configured with additional accessories to customize the carts for your specific needs. Some accessories include a four-position IV pole, oxygen tank holder, accessory rails, hospital-grade power strips, CPR board, Glove box holder, wastebasket holder, and many more.

To learn more about proCARE® medical procedure carts and how they can fit in your workflow, contact TouchPoint Medicals to schedule a free demo today!