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How Collaborations Between TouchPoint Medical and DataRay Enhance Patient Safety

September 21st, 2022
How Collaborations Between TouchPoint Medical and DataRay Enhance Patient Safety

Collaborative Patient Care Solutions

There is no doubt that the collaboration between a doctor and nurse is still important, but the integration of medical devices and medical software plays an increasingly important role in patient care and successful outcomes. A nurse equipped with a medical cart integrated with a barcoding or scanning system can provide the doctor with far more comprehensive data about the patient than one without such technology.

TouchPoint Medical and DataRay have teamed up to provide integrated medical solutions that streamline workflows and lead to improved patient outcomes. DataRay patient safety technologies have been instrumental in enhancing the safety of patients when used together with TouchPoint Medical equipment. The result is cost-effective and flexible care that meets safety requirements.


DataRay is a leading provider of reliable laser beam profiling solutions.  Their software solutions are paired with TouchPoint Medical (TPM) carts and workstations to deliver portable patient care solutions that go wherever the patient goes. Examples of DataRay’s solutions that are paired with TouchPoint equipment include:

  • Positive Patient Identification (PPID)
  • Medication barcoding for Bar Code Medication Administration
  • Thermal printer for printing specimen collection labels
  • Preanalytical collection barcoding

DataRay has been in the industry for over 30 years. The TPM collaboration with these industry experts provides clients with reliable integrated solutions that improve various outcomes.

Solutions that Work

Caregivers are usually working in small rooms or spaces.  The integration of DataRay software solutions and TouchPoint Medical equipment minimizes the need to install full computers or larger printers in every room. Because the workstations are mobile and flexible, their integration with DataRay technologies brings full functionality to the point of care, and keeps it all in one small footprint. These solutions can be brought directly to the patient’s bedside, regardless of their location.

Additionally, because of DataRays’ safety technologies, these solutions ensure the proper medication is administered, providing high-risk drug alert notifications to nurses when they are administering dangerous drugs. Hospitals can therefore minimize unnecessary medication errors by partnering DataRay software with TouchPoint Medical workstations.

Healthcare facilities with mobile medical equipment or mobile workstations that provide medication barcodes, printing solutions, or scanning capabilities on-the-go are far better equipped to respond to patient needs. These additional peripherals improve the productivity of caregivers and enhance the safety of patients. Collaborations such as TouchPoint Medical and DataRay work to provide multiple benefits within one mobile workstation.

Benefits of the Collaboration
  1. Improvement in Quality of Care and Outcomes
  2. Improved Patient Safety
  3. Empowered Caregivers
  4. Reduce Healthcare Costs and Inefficiencies

This partnership with DataRay is an example of how TouchPoint Medical collaborates with technology partners to solve real clinical challenges.  It goes beyond simply supplying standard equipment. The integrations have been vital in minimizing medical errors, increasing efficiencies, and reducing healthcare costs. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our products and the easy installation of third-party software and devices on TouchPoint Medical equipment.

Case Study

Crow/Northern Cheyenne Hospital could not scan patient armbands to verify their identity. Proper identification minimizes medication errors, so this was a severe limitation and potential liability for the hospital. In addition, the hospital needed a cost-effective medication administration system to ensure patient safety.

Integration of DataRay’s 3D Custom Printing Interface with TouchPoint Medical’s AccessPoint™ workstation on wheels was a combination that met the hospital’s safety needs. DataRay Room Collect Software solution was also included, further enhancing safety protocols.

These solutions not only guaranteed patient safety and medication tracking but made the hospital compliant with ISMP, Joint Commission, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service, and Food and Drug Administration regulations.