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TouchPoint Medical Nordic and ApoEx AB have signed a unique cooperation agreement on pharmaceutical dispensing cabinets within public and private healthcare.

DECEMBER 12, 2022 - The new agreement means that ApoEx will offer TouchPoint Medical's pharmaceutical dispensing cabinets to healthcare as part of a comprehensive solution along with ApoEx's other services, simplifying implementation and saving nursing time while avoiding initial investment costs for healthcare providers.

"We are glad to initiate a deeper cooperation with TouchPoint Medical. This is fully in line with our business idea of simplifying healthcare by offering technical solutions to customers in public and private healthcare," says John Patrick Berlips, MD and founder of ApoEx.

Pharmaceutical dispensing cabinets are used to streamline handling, improve the use of storage space, and reduce waste and discard in healthcare providers' pharmaceutical stores, resulting in improved safety and traceability in pharmaceutical handling. This is a concrete way to accelerate the digitalization of healthcare with technology that quickly frees up valuable nursing time while providing healthcare providers with tools to handle the increased demand for emergency stockpiles of medications and pharmaceutical products.

"TouchPoint Medical is in an expansive phase, and our strategic partnerships are crucial. Together with ApoEx, we can help increase the availability of medications while contributing to the increased digitalization of Swedish healthcare," says Fredrik Brander, General Manager of TouchPoint Medical in Sweden

About TouchPoint Medical TouchPoint Medical Nordic designs, develops, manufactures, and provides medical equipment with system solutions that bring together medical technology to organize pharmaceutical handling for safe and efficient healthcare processes worldwide.

About ApoEx ApoEx was founded in 2010 with the aim of simplifying and improving healthcare. Since then, thousands of healthcare companies in the private and public sector have chosen ApoEx as their strategic partner for healthcare support services and the supply of medications and consumables. ApoEx is headquartered in Stockholm, had a turnover of SEK 2 billion in 2021, and employs approximately 600 people. The main owners of ApoEx are the Axel Johnson Group's investment company Novax and the two founders and brothers, Jens and John Patrick Berlips.


ApoEx AB 
John Patrick Berlips, MD and founder
[email protected]
+46 70 897 97 17

TouchPoint Medical Nordic
Fredrik Brander, General Manager Sweden
[email protected]
+46 76 025 02 80