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Seamless ADC Upgrade Results in Safer, More Efficient Care

May 7th, 2021
Seamless ADC Upgrade Results in Safer, More Efficient Care

In the medication delivery process, medication security and workflow efficiency are a must. The Oklahoma County Crisis Intervention Center (OCCIC) used an earlier model of medication management system for over ten years, provided by TouchPoint Medical. While it met all the needs of OCCIC at that time, newer models and more advanced technology were already available. Pleased with our service, the facility sought equipment that offered security and ease of use at an affordable cost. We suggested our wide range of automatic dispensing cabinets (ADC) with interchangeable dispensing hardware and a software system with an integrated network. Their chosen model offers a single item control, housing a vast range of medication sizes that require additional safety and security than open compartments.

The specific model of ADC offers a secure, high-capacity single-item control for up to 324 items in lidded compartments. Its drawers and compartment sizes are fully customizable to suit every facility's needs. ADCs ensure that proper safeguards are in place for each medication dispensed, as they reduce medication errors and offer more secure storage. Each item is hidden within its compartment to increase security and keep it away from light. All cabinets are interchangeable, allowing facilities to modify the equipment for the most flexibility and security for storing single-dose and bulk items.

Pick-to-Light Technology
Pick-to-Light Technology

Light-directed picking or pick-to-light systems are order fulfillment technologies that contribute to accurate, simple, and efficient methods of picking, placing, sorting, and assembling products. This technology aids users to an item's exact location, ultimately decreasing errors and eliminating manual decision-making from the picking process. Our ADCs include pick-to-light technology, improving the accuracy and efficiency of medication dispensing. Lights guide the user to the correct cabinet, drawer, and compartment, resulting in a quicker and simpler process to locate and correctly dispense the needed medication. It also significantly reduces the time of visually scanning drawers and compartments trying to obtain the correct item.

Each ADC boasts sturdy steel construction and high-strength tamper-evident locks that cannot be forced open. Then, infused on all surfaces are antimicrobial components to keep the products contaminated from bacteria and viruses.

The software platform installed on each ADC is highly configurable, providing built-in safeguards such as pre-counts, individual patient medication profiles, receipt printing, label printing, configurable patient profile, and medication searching. Additionally, we also installed software designed by TouchPoint Medical that includes more safeguards, including allergy alerts, double dosage alerts, barcode scanning, look-alike and sound-a-like alerts, and tall man lettering.

Supported Integration: Making the Switch
Supported Integration: Making the Switch

As the week-long transition for OCCIC began, our team at TouchPoint Medical gave the staff step-by-step support and assistance. With the team's help, the staff commended us for a smooth and seamless process. To train the staff working on the night shift, the TouchPoint Medical team arrived at the facility at 9 PM.

When it comes to ADC's system software, the facility stated that it was a user-friendly experience as they only had to adjust to the new user interface. The touchscreen feature was also very intuitive and similar to what they had been using. As a result, navigating with the new operating system became hassle-free.

Before upgrading to the newer models of ADCs, the staff used to print the restock reports themselves and then had to fax the information to the pharmacy department. With their current setup, the software module includes network visibility so that the pharmacy department can remotely view and control inventory. It significantly reduced time and waste, which is a financial benefit to the facility. All medications and supplies are stored in a controlled, locked, and credentialed environment.

The system is flexible enough to adapt to any facility's changing needs. With this, facilities can tailor a solution that fits any workflow, ensuring efficiency for the staff and safety for patients.


At TouchPoint Medical, we like to work closely with our customers to ensure that medication locations and security levels are fully utilized and optimized for any facility. The team will tailor system interfaces and provide remote technical support throughout the life of the equipment. We are committed to designing and enhancing customer-driven solutions that improve healthcare by developing efficiency and safety through our equipment.

The staff at OCCIC are well satisfied with their new ADCs and are pleased to be able to access medications through a more simplified and streamlined system. The facility praised customer service TouchPoint Medical, adding that only a few issues emerged since their transition. Our support team successfully handled all those issues. Since then, it has been smooth sailing, and all interactions with TouchPoint Medical have instilled confidence in their equipment.