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Work Stations on Wheels Are Workhorses of Clinical Care
(Journal of Clinical Engineering 2019) Medical equipment carts, also known as workstations on wheels (WOWs) and computers on wheels, are an essential part of clinical care in hospitals, nursing homes, and other long-term-care facilities where patients are bedridden. Carts mobilize vital medications, equipment, and medical records for nurses to access at the point of care or near the patient's bedside. These crucial yet often overlooked tools may be dismissed because they are so ubiquitous; yet, WOWs are highly customizable and ergonomic,with features and accessories that meet a vast variety of clinical care needs.
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Automated Dispensing Storage in Theatres - Clinical Sciences Journal
Clinical Sciences Journal - April 2020. This paper describes the early experience of implementation into a hospital operating theatre within Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) in North Wales. BCUHB is the largest health organisation in Wales. Major savings in medicines expenditure have been reported following the installation of an automated medication cabinet within the operating theatre. The automated system is also improving the accountability of medication use and helping to improve safety.
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The Last 100 Feet: Reducing Errors in the Last 100 Feet of Medication Administration
Closed-loop medication administration at the bedside with AccessRx MD mobile medication workstation-on-wheels. Reducing medication errors in the last 100 feet of the medication distribution process requires bringing additional controls to the situation to minimize the likelihood of distractions and interruptions. One solution that provides safety and security for the last 100 feet is the use of a smart cart. TouchPoint Medical's AccessRx MD mobile medication systems have made a significant impact on the last 100 feet of medication administration at Iroquois Memorial Hospital (IMH) by reducing waste; improving workflow, efficiency, and security: and by increasing patient safety.
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