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Securely mount your monitor or all-in-one computer on this easy to maneuver workstation.

Easily and securely manage your mobile laptop documentation.

Ultra-lightweight and stable laptop or tablet mount documentation workstation.

Fixed height and extremely nimble laptop or tablet mount documentation workstation

Easily mount your medical device equipment to this stable roll stand. 

Powered ergonomic workstation on wheels.

Automated Dispensing Cabinet. Single drug control with our Pod system.

Automated Dispensing Cabinet with NurSync medication queuing technology.


Real-time bedside medication administration, barcode patient identification and direct eMAR API access.

Mobile medication delivery with exchangeable cassettes.

Mobile medication dispensing workstation with up to 12 Individually locking patient-specific drawers.

Automated Dispensing Cabinet. Products can be stored and retrieved per unit, per product, per drawer, or free picking.

Choose your level of security desired with Compartment Control, Pick-to-Light technology, or drawer level access. 

Access to top specialists – anywhere, anytime.

Support your advanced imaging, telemedicine and vitals applications with our dual monitor solution.

Powered workstation that integrates with your laptop.

Our modular design provides a high level of flexibility to meet your changed equipment mobility needs.

Vertical and horizontal adjustable height monitor mount

A compact yet robust monitor mounting solution with optional keyboard and mouse tray.

Variable height support arm with effortless gas spring lifting system.

Mobile medication delivery with exchangeable cassettes.