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medDispense Classic Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Region Availability: US, Asia, AUS/NZ, Middle East, Canada, South America
medDispense Automated Dispensing Cabinet

Simplicity Advantage

The system secures both your medications and supplies and seamlessly integrates with virtually any HL7 compliant hospital information system, automatically capturing your dispensing, usage and billing information.

Flexibility Advantage

medDispense® Classic makes it easy to manage your changing medication storage and dispensing requirements with its modular design that is configurable to you department's needs.

NurSync™ Efficiency

Our NurSync™ software allows healthcare professionals to spend more time with patients and less time at the automated dispensing cabinet. Users can select and remotely queue patient medications, quickly and securely from any authorized workstations.

TouchPoint Medical Technical Support

We're here for you. With 24/7 technical support from our in-house team,TouchPoint Medical service programs provide fast and reliable support to maximize up-time.