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AccessRx Exchange™ Medication Workstation

 AccessRx Exchange™ Medication delivery cart

Cassette Features

The cassettes are available in many variations to fit your needs. Choose from 2, 3, and 4 tier cassettes, three bin sizes, including deep bins, and full width drawers for maximum flexibility. The compact 600mm x 400mm footprint fits ISO 3394 modular systems.

Transfer Carts

Transfer carts are available to exchange depleted cassettes with newly stocked cassettes on carts or wall mounted carriers. Single or double width carts are available. All transfer carts include locking tambour door with either key lock or electronic lock.

Wall Mount Applications

The AccessRx Exchange Cassette Carrier may be easily wall-mounted to support in-room med station workflows.

Retrofit your existing AccessPoint fleet

The AccessRx Exchange system may be added to powered or non-powered AccessPoint carts. The system works with either manual or electric lift carts.

Security Options

The cassette is securely locked into the carrier on the cart or wall mount. The cassette bins and drawer are separately locked, and an optional controlled substance drawer is secured by a third lock. Choose between programmable electronic locks, mechanical key locks, or a combination of both to maximize security.

Exchangeable Cassettes

The secure locking cassette carrier supports quick and easy exchange on the workstation on wheels or in a wall mounted application. Depleted cassettes can be replaced with stocked cassettes for minimal downtime.