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AccessCenter Automated Dispensing Cabinet

Region Availability: US, Asia, AUS/NZ, Europe, Middle East, Canada, South America
AccessCenter automated dispensing cabinet

Enhanced Security

Our single drug control Pod system delivers increased security & capacity to ensure a safer and more efficient environment. Our drawer-within-a-drawer drug control includes 3 sizes (single, double, triple) to accommodate your medication needs.

Flexibility Advantage

AccessCenter™ is highly flexible and configurable. With multiple cabinet depths, door configurations, drawer sizes and security levels, AccessCenter can grow and adapt to your changing medication and storage and dispensing requirements. 

Convenience & Efficiency 

With localized placement, AccessCenter™ allows for quick and easy access to medications 24/7 to help ensure timely delivery of patient medication administration. The implementation of an ADC can help reduce medication stock levels by more than 60% and help to reduce medication administration time by over 55%.

Support Advantage

TouchPoint Medical understands how important up-time is to keeping your workflow running smoothly and your focus on the patient. So that's why we've designed service programs tailored to help you do just that.

Microban® Antimicrobial Protection

Microban® antimicrobial additives are infused into the AccessCenter™, as opposed to our competitors' antimicrobial protection solutions, which are painted onto the surface of their products and may chip off.

Pharmacy Control

Pharmacy staff has visibility to view and control inventory in all cabinets from the console in the pharmacy. Reporting functions allow the pharmacy to determine par levels of each medication based on usage, helping to reduce capital tied up in inventory. Monitors expiration dates helping to prevent the waste of expired medications.