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Choisissez entre une démonstration virtuelle ou en personne. Chez TouchPoint Medical, nous proposons deux manières de démonstration des différents produits. Sélectionnez la manière de démonstration qui vous convient ci-dessous et nous vous contacterons afin de fixer un rendez-vous.

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Thank you for your interest in TouchPoint Medical, our medical carts, and our medication dispensing cabinets.  We want to help answer any questions you might have about our solutions.  Come see how we can help you improve efficiency, workflow, and patient care. 

Here is what our demo will cover:

  • An overview of how your end-users will interact with the product
  • Snapshot of reporting capabilities and how you can customize them
  • User settings and configuration options
  • Security features and more


"TouchPoint Medical's AccessRx MD™ mobile medication systems have made a significant impact on the last 100 feet of medication administration at Iroquois Memorial Hospital (IMH) by reducing waste; improving workflow, efficiency, and security: and by increasing patient safety." ~ Iroquois Memorial Hospital (IMH)

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